Neon Cafe

South Lanes, Brighton

”Late evening pancake breakfast & cocktail house”

Neon Cafe

Munchies’ Craft is a cheeky little getaway and a great meeting spot for creators located just in the heart of Brighton’s quirky South Lanes. 

Munchies’ Craft operates as a neon cafe specialising in Vegan & Gluten-free savoury breakfast and sweet pancakes along with luscious dessert waffles and smoothies as well as artisan coffee served til late afternoon.

Also being a Cocktail & Tapas Bar, Munchies’ Craft is the go-to spot for Mediterranean Tapas and signature cocktails available from opening to close.

Their pancakes are vegan & gluten-free as it is, since they made of vegan & gluten-free ingredients. However their breakfast menu has a wide range of breakfast pancake options for non-vega, but the menu also has a wide range of options for non-vegan customers. 

Munchies’ Craft is a female-managed, queer & vegan friendly establishment where dogs are VIP guests. Its colourfulness, from its atmosphere to its food, will cheer you up and lift up your mood in your lows. It might be a small venue, but it’s has a big heart!

Munchies’ Craft is also a venue where artists and creators meet and are welcome to hold new art and music events. Our business supports artists by displaying their unique artwork all around our venue for free. If you wish yo perform or have a piece of art to display, please contact the Munchies’ Craft team.

In addition to its quirks, our special fluffy host Alex, the regular of our sofa, will always br ready for you in need of emotional support

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What’s the vibe of the cafe? Chill, up and coming, somewhere to meet friends and creators


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19 Market Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1HH

United Kingdom

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