Munchies' Craft

About Us

Welcome to Munchies’ Craft!
I’m Ash, a lifelong cat lover and proud entrepreneur. My journey with cats began as a child, when I fell in love with their playful spirits and gentle companionship. Over the years, my passion for these wonderful creatures grew, inspiring me to create a special place for Brightoners where fellow cat enthusiasts can relax, enjoy our delicious menu with a cup of coffee or house special cocktails, and spend quality time with our adorable resident cats whom will be with us soon. 
At Munchies’ Craft, I’ve combined my love for cats with my entrepreneurial dream to provide a unique and heartwarming experience for our visitors. Each cat in our cafe will be a cherished member of our family, and I’m dedicated to ensuring they will receive the best care and lots of love. Our goal is to create a haven where people and cats can connect, bringing joy and comfort to both.
We can not wait to announce you very soon when you can join us in celebrating the charm and beauty of cats. Whether you’re here enjoy some feline company, or simply unwind, Munchies’ Craft is the purrfect place for you.
We love to thank you for being a part of our cat-loving community in advance!