Munchies' Craft

Their Home & Their Rules !

Welcome to Munchies’ Craft, Cat Cafe & Tapas Bar
Our cats are our number one priority and all rules are meant to allow both cats and humans
alike to have a great time.

● Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when you enter the cat lounge.
● Watch out for your food & drink, and do not feed the cats – They are on a dietary program eating healthily.
● Do not walk around with your drink or food in your hand. And do not leave your table unattended while there is some food and drink.
● Watch the doors and please always wait for our staff to escort you while checking in and out then they can help look out for escape artists. Make sure that one door must be closed at all times to ensure the cats stay inside.
● Please ask the staff before picking up the cats. Because some of them may not like being picked up, prefer play or may have special conditions for a term.
● Cats love sleeping. Don’t wake a sleeping cat but you can give them gentle pets for happy dreams.
● Feel free to call cats over but do not pull them if they are busy with their own cat business.
● Please pet the cats gently and leave the cats to roam and come to you.
● Do not push the cats off the chairs or move the cats with your feet if your seat has been claimed by a cat.
● Take as many pictures as you like but no flash please.
● Please be careful with cat toys and equipment, and prevent adventurous dependents climbing or sitting on any cat equipment.
● Watch out for the steps for any cat crossing. Do not pet them on stairs to prevent a blockage.
● No vaping or electronic cigarettes in the cafe at any time.

Rules for children

Any child aged 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. There should be at least
one adult per two children. Adults should be together with their children while they
interact with the cats and remember that you read and are aware of our terms and
conditions and your children are following the rules as well.

Children visiting the cats house must promise to understand the following:

I love kitties, and I definitely understand that I will not disturb any kitties here by;

● Picking them up,
● Kicking them with my feet,
● Poking them their eyes or mouth,
● Pulling their tails,
● Shouting and screaming near to them,

I will also not share my food with them, I will be calm and gentle, I will listen to my parents and
staff and do what they tell me to do.

If you break any of these rules, unfortunately we have to ask you to leave the cat’s house.