Munchies' Craft

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately this isn’t possible. It’s important that our cats are as comfortable and happy as possible and introducing external cats could harm this balance. We also have to be mindful of disease control, our cats are regularly checked by a veterinary professional and other cats may introduce diseases with our family.

We are planning to have up to 8 resident cats, we may at times foster some additional cats via local shelters who will be available for adoption to the right home.

Our aim is to be the place for any unwanted cat needs a home asap possible. Our cats will be mature and adopted when we know they are the right behaviour and temperament to be happy in our environment. All we want is to make sure all our cats are healthy and happy not just physically also mentally too.

Yes you do. For us to keep the stress level of our cats to a minimum we need to be able to manage the capacity with the right amount of guest at the same time, you will also need to agree to the Cafe and Cat rules when making a booking.

Yes. The space has been designed as their home space with the best conditions we can offer for our furry friends, we follow the strict UK UK legislation for Feline health and safety.

Yes we do. No children allow under 9 years old for both our cats and your children’s health and safety.

All food or drink preparation areas are kept separated from the cats living space. Our Staff are been trained to follow health & safety guidance to make sure there is no contamination within any cat and human products/equipment and all cats litter is kept in a separate and locked room.
We also have extra cleaning shifts scheduled during the day to make sure we are keeping our hygiene levels as high as possible.

We are not, yet. It is our ambition to partner with a local shelter and offer this in the future.

We will be working with a highly regarded local vet, who will be providing regular visits to the cafe to complete health check and process their health programme monthly. All of our staff are educated in feline welfare.